Kristen Salsbury | Yoga Instructor

As a busy mother of two young boys, Kristen sees yoga as an essential part of her days. “I started yoga after I had my first son, Jax,” she says. “I was hooked immediately!” Kristen, who also loves playing piano, reading and traveling, admits to feeling her best when she can practice at least three times a week. As she puts it, “I want to share this amazing journey with others.”

Favorite style of yoga: Power Vinyasa Yoga

Preferred poses: Downward facing dog, half moon, handstands

Post-practice treat: Eggs and toast and a lot of water!

What do you want your students to take away from your classes? After I practice, I feel amazing; my yoga high gets me through my day. That’s something I would love to share with my students.

To find out more about Kristen’s class schedule, upcoming workshops and scheduling privates, email her at or call 817-266-3220.

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Kristen Salsbury Yoga Instructor